Dedicated to serving her state and community.

Get To Know Marguerite

Willis's in front of their white truckMarguerite Willis is not a politician and has never before sought elected office. She’s a proud South Carolinian who has dedicated herself to serving her state and her community.

Marguerite grew up in Greenville where she graduated at the top of her class from Greenville County public schools. She went on to attend college and law school where she became the first female editor-in-chief of the Law Review.

Marguerite has had an extraordinarily successful career in the law and business. Known as a practical problem solver, Marguerite has been a member of a major Columbia-based law firm where she’s litigated and negotiated numerous cases involving business clients. She’s also taken on major corporations and fought to ensure businesses operate on a fair playing field. She even took on oil giant ExxonMobil and won on behalf of a small business in Darlington.

Marguerite is the former First Lady of Florence. She is married to former Mayor Frank Willis, and they continue to reside in Florence with their Labradors. She is a founding member of the Eastern Carolina Community Foundation and is active in animal rescue. She and Frank attend Highland Park United Methodist, and she is part of the Seekers Sunday School class.