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Marguerite Willis on Supreme Court gaming decision: “Gaming can be good for South Carolina”

May 14, 2018Published by

Marguerite Willis released the following statement after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a 1992 law banning sports gambling: “Allowing states to regulate sports betting is a victory for state economic development, and it’s proof that South Carolina needs to update its laws — and its attitude —  surrounding gaming. Gaming can be good for South Carolina, and… View Article

Questionnaire response to the Post & Courier

May 13, 2018Published by

What are the best solutions for fixing schools in South Carolina?   South Carolina will never have a truly bright future until we provide each child a decent — not just a minimally adequate — public education. The best solution for fixing our schools is to make that goal a real priority.  Since 2010, the… View Article

Willis on anti-choice bill: ‘vote them out of office’

May 3, 2018Published by

Marguerite Willis released the following statement after the South Carolina State Senate advanced a bill to ban virtually all abortions in the state: “No one should ever play politics with a woman’s Constitutional right to choose. For every legislator who wants to turn back the clock on women’s rights—the rights of 52 percent of South… View Article

Marguerite to James Smith: You owe the voters an apology

April 25, 2018Published by

Marguerite Willis issued a letter to James Smith today calling on him to apologize to South Carolina voters, as well as the organizers of the recent Furman University debate, for skipping the event in favor of a Chicago political event. “Campaigning is essentially a job interview, and debates provide the opportunity for our future bosses… View Article

Marguerite Willis: “Donald Trump is a racist”

April 3, 2018Published by

In her second campaign ad, Marguerite Willis calls Donald Trump “the worst kind of racist.” Marguerite has never shied from criticizing Trump for the disrespectful tone he takes towards women and people of color. “How could we elect anybody who said that once they got in power that they could take advantage of women sexually… View Article

Willis on LG pick: “John Scott is the Right Man for the Job”

March 27, 2018Published by

In a history-making announcement, Marguerite Willis today said that Senator John Scott was “the right man for the job” to serve as her Lieutenant Governor. This will be the first election is South Carolina history that gubernatorial candidates have the ability to chose their own Lieutenant Governor. Willis chose Scott, a longtime public servant and… View Article

Marguerite Willis Statement on International Women’s Day

March 8, 2018Published by

SOUTH CAROLINA — Marguerite Willis releases the following statement on International Women’s Day, celebrated every year on March 8: “This past year, countless women said ‘time’s up’ to a corrupt system that abuses their trust and demands their silence. This is only the beginning. If American women and men are going to make equal strides… View Article

South Carolina Demands Gun Reform Now!

February 20, 2018Published by

(SOUTH CAROLINA) — Marguerite Willis released the following statement demanding that the General Assembly act now to impose gun safety measures: “I hope that the professional politicians in Columbia will finally listen to the voices of the Parkland survivors — and the voices of children and young folks across the country — who are demanding… View Article

Donald Trump’s Budget is Out of Touch

February 13, 2018Published by

Marguerite Willis, candidate for Governor of South Carolina, released the following statement in response to President Trump’s proposed budget: “South Carolina families pride ourselves on balancing our budgets, being responsible stewards of our own money, and we expect the same from our elected leaders. Sadly, President Trump’s budget flunks the test. His proposal explodes our… View Article