Marguerite to James Smith: You owe the voters an apology

April 25, 2018
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Marguerite Willis issued a letter to James Smith today calling on him to apologize to South Carolina voters, as well as the organizers of the recent Furman University debate, for skipping the event in favor of a Chicago political event.
“Campaigning is essentially a job interview, and debates provide the opportunity for our future bosses to ask us tough questions to see whether we’re qualified for the position. Not showing up raises serious concerns about your desire for the job as well as your ability to meet commitments in the future. Your absence, along with your prior NRA A-rating and your failure to release your tax returns, also raises fundamental questions about your commitment to representing the values of South Carolina’s citizens at a pivotal point in the history of our state.”
Sunday’s televised debate was the second debate that Representative Smith in the past week.
Marguerite’s entire letter to Representative Smith is available onlineĀ HERE.