Donald Trump’s Budget is Out of Touch

February 13, 2018
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Marguerite Willis, candidate for Governor of South Carolina, released the following statement in response to President Trump’s proposed budget:

“South Carolina families pride ourselves on balancing our budgets, being responsible stewards of our own money, and we expect the same from our elected leaders. Sadly, President Trump’s budget flunks the test. His proposal explodes our deficits by nearly $7 trillion. 

“Despite his promises, President Trump’s budget will reduce Medicaid and Medicare spending that millions rely on. In addition, the budget would cut the SNAP program, reducing food assistance that many of our poorest South Carolinians desperately need. 

“The President’s budget is out of touch, coming from a man who eats chocolate cake off of gold plates, while relaxing in his country club. 

“I urge our state’s Congressional delegation to put aside petty political alliances and craft a budget that doesn’t devastate vulnerable South Carolinians.”