Willis on LG pick: “John Scott is the Right Man for the Job”

March 27, 2018
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In a history-making announcement, Marguerite Willis today said that Senator John Scott was “the right man for the job” to serve as her Lieutenant Governor.

This will be the first election is South Carolina history that gubernatorial candidates have the ability to chose their own Lieutenant Governor.

Willis chose Scott, a longtime public servant and successful business owner from Richland County, because of his commitment to changing politics in Columbia.​

“Not only has he dedicated himself to public service, but he’s committed himself to improving the lives of working South Carolinians,” Willis said. “And he’s interested in solving the problems that South Carolina faces, even if it means sharing truths that don’t always win him friends.”

Scott praised Marguerite’s unique candidacy.

“I know the only way we’re going to change politics in Columbia is to bring a fresh set of eyes to the old way of doing things; to bring someone who doesn’t see the governor’s office as a political stepping stone; and to bring a woman to shake up the good ol’ boys club. Marguerite Willis is that woman.”

The Democratic primary will be held on June 12.